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Farmstead Meats

 ~ for local customers ~

Quality, thoughtfully-raised meat has seen a huge surge in demand.  Our neighbors here in the country have known about great-tasting homegrown meat all along - Larkhaven Farmstead Meats are available primarily to folks right in our local area.
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Every year, young animals must be culled from our flock of dairy sheep.  Our customers have told us our lamb is the most flavorful they have had.  Of course, being completely milk- and grass-fed makes a big difference, and we think it has something to do with the smaller, Freisian dairy breed.  To avoid missing our limited supply of lamb, it's best to let us know early that you will be interested.  Although every dairy ewe must lamb each year in order produce milk, we raise only a limited number of lambs to butcher weight, and sell the rest as newborns to others who bottle-feed and raise the lambs.  So, contacting us in Spring to reserve lambs for Fall slaughter is the best bet.

Pork for your freezer
Raising pigs is a natural sideline for a farmstead cheese operation.  Whey (what's left over when milk is made into cheese) is potentially a pollutant and a disposal issue, but it can be instead a valuable source of proteins and vitamins for pigs.  Combined with grain, it is a perfect hog feed.  The flavor of whey-fed pork is much desired by those in the know.

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No chemical wormers, genetically modified foods, prophylactic antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or mystery pellets are ever given.  We don't feed any by-products of other animals other than pure dairy foods: no commercial animal fat, chicken house bedding, blood or bone meal comes near these piggies.

Our practice is to do our best to provide new pasture ground for the pigs several times during the growing season.  The latest configuration is four 1/4 acre paddocks, a little shelter in each one, and a movable water supply and feeding station.  The pigs are happy; there's always something to do, something to discover, something to dig up and eat.

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How does it work?
Just contact us and tell us you are interested.  You can either take live animals and slaughter them yourself or we will arrange for the slaughtering and butchering with a local custom meat packer.

This is called "custom" meat packing and it’s inspected, licensed and regulated by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Now is the time to reserve your locker meat!
We buy weaner pigs based on known demand, and we only raise lambs that are spoken for by a meat customer.  Even if you have some meat left in your freezer, you must plan ahead or you will MISS OUT.  Check your freezer space, then download our info and order form.