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Farm visits
We are contacted by a surprising number of people interested in starting farmstead cheesemaking operations.  We welcome this development - each small family operation can satisfy only a small part of the growing demand for farmstead cheeses.  We also welcome visits to our farm to learn about one more possible approach to the farmstead creamery.  We do ask that visitors be considerate of our time, and find that most people already know that dairy farmers are very busy.  Please feel free to contact us.

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Classes in home cheesemaking
M. Clare Paris, the cheesemaker at Larkhaven Farm, has been fascinated for years with the science and art of cheesemaking.  Clare made cheese just for her family for years, gaining a deep appreciation for the process and our centuries-old understanding of it.   She does not claim to be a learned authority on the subject, and we recommend that commercial cheesemakers seek consulting from an established expert such as our friend Peter Dixon.  However, Clare's experience, style, and quick wit make her a perfect teacher for beginners.

Larkhaven Farm offers Clare for workshop instruction in home cheesemaking as a service to local communities for a modest fee plus expenses.   Because her primary responsibility requires her to be here on the farm most days, Clare must limit her workshop engagements to single-day events, and must plan them well in advance.  

Please inquire.

Interested in a summer cheesemaking workshop at our farm?
Learn to make two cheeses.  Take home recipes and information.  Taste several finished cheeses.  Peruse a library of cheesemaking books.  See an informative movie on cheese, bio-diversity and sustainable farming.  Tour our sheep and goat dairy and make cheese in our cheese kitchen.

Hands-on Fun ~ All Day Class
Bring an apron and a sack lunch...
Cost: $85 ~ Limit 8 students

If interested, please call 486-1199 or use our handy contact form.
When there are at least 5 names on our list, we'll arrange a date.