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Farmstead Cheeses

 ~ our products ~

Larkhaven Farm’s product line currently consists of five cheeses, all adapted from traditional recipes, and all made with 100% ewe‘s milk:

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Full Moon
This bloomy-rind soft cheese is very popular at our market booths.  The varied paste is creamy, with a mild yet adventurous flavor.   Approx. to 1lb wheels.
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Okanogan Maple Leaf
Another new cheese we are especially excited about is Okanogan Maple Leaf.  Expect a semi-firm to semi-soft interior with lots of forest-floor earthiness and a variable paste.  1.5 - 2lb wheels
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Chopaka Rose
This is a washed-rind table cheese that takes advantage of the lush graze of spring and summer.  Its robust flavors contrast beautifully with its complex texture.  Named after a local landmark and our wild roses, the cheese forms its rind with the aid of an orangey- rose-colored mold that enhances both the appearance and the flavor over the aging period.  For people who like "stinky" cheese, this is a sure winner, yet it is mild enough to bring along the more shy tastes.  Approx. 3 lb. wheels
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Shepherd's Gem
This semi-hard cheese has a dense, rich texture and a characteristically full-bodied flavor.  Shepherd's Gem showcases the unique richness of sheep milk cheeses.  It is a slow-aging cheese that matures similarly to cheddar, but the sharp accents never overwhelm the nutty, satisfying flavor.  Approx. 7 pound wheels.
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Whitestone Aged Feta
Named after a local landmark, this firm-textured hard cheese is aged at least 90 days in a special brine.  It is similar to Greek feta, but it's not just a cheese to crumble on salads the depth of flavor developed during aging makes it a stunning addition to the gourmet cheese plate.  Approx. 10lb buckets.
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