Farmstead Cheeses

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Larkhaven Farm’s product line currently consists of two cheeses, all adapted from traditional recipes, and all made with 100% ewe‘s milk:

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Shepherd's Gem Gold
We reserve a portion of our popular Shepherd's Gem for longer aging.  About a year of aging gives this hard cheese a flaky texture and an even deeper flavor.  A very distinguished addition to the cheese plate; also excellent for grating as the flavor doesn't get lost in even the richest dishes.  Aged twelve to eighteen months,  six- to eight-pound wheels.
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Whitestone Aged Feta
Named after a local landmark, this firm-textured hard cheese is aged at least 90 days in a special brine.  It is similar to Greek feta, but it's not just a cheese to crumble on salads the depth of flavor developed during aging makes it a stunning addition to the gourmet cheese plate.  (Retail only)
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